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Brings biology and engineering together to address the challenges of future energy needs.

The Bioenergy Research Unit performs a full range of research, from exploring biomass at the molecular level through biorefinery process optimization to bring biofuels and bio-products to market. Our value is the sum of our professional experience, relationships and expertise.

Energy source of Non-Fossil Origin

Finding alternatives to conventional fuels is the need of the day. As the world energy demand rises, the sources of fossil fuel are rapidly depleting. If the world goes for alternatives energy sources, we can abolish the hegemony of OPEC and other oil-producing countries, thereby reducing their stranglehold on the world economy and stop the global warming juggernaut that threatens our very existence.

All over the world, scientists and technologists are putting a considerable effort into the development of energy sources of non-fossil origin. From algae, to compressed air, all sorts of sources are being explored to supplant crude oil, as the energy mainstay of the world. Let us get briefly introduced to some of these alternatives.

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